Research with children

Working with children and/or vulnerable people

All of our data protection protocol is designed with our respondents in mind and we will never ask for more information than is necessary.

In line with the ICO’s recommendations, we aim to make all of our data protection protocol easy to understand and we know this is particularly important when working with children. We try make things clear and transparent for both adults and children.

We also ensure that, as much as is possible, that it is as easy for a child to have their personal data erased as it was for them to provide it in the first place.

We also follow the MRS guidelines on working with children and/or vulnerable people, as outlined below.

– Members must ensure that permission of a responsible adult is obtained and verified before a child participates in their professional activities.
Comment: Under special circumstances, permission to waive the requirement for permission of a responsible adult may be obtained, but only with the prior approval of the MRS Market Research Standards Board.
– Where the permission of a responsible adult is required, Members must ensure that the responsible adult is given sufficient information about the project to enable them to make an informed decision.
– Members must ensure that the identity of the responsible adult giving permission to approach a child to take part in their professional activities is recorded by name, and relationship or role.
– Where it is known (or ought reasonably to be known) that participants may include children, Members must ensure participants are asked to confirm their age before any other personal information is requested. Further, if the age given is under 16, the child must be excluded from giving further personal information until the appropriate permission from a responsible adult has been obtained and verified.
– Members must take special care when considering whether to involve children in projects. The questions asked must take into account their age and level of understanding.
– In all cases, Members must ensure that a child has an opportunity to decline to take part, even though a responsible adult has given permission for their participation. This remains the case if a project takes place in school.
– Members must ensure that information about other individuals is not collected from a child unless for the purposes of gaining permission from a responsible adult.

Vulnerable people
– Members must take reasonable steps to assess, identify and take into account the particular needs of vulnerable people involved in their professional activities.
– When working with vulnerable people, Members must ensure that such individuals are capable of making informed decisions and are not unfairly pressured to cooperate with a request to participate and that they are given an opportunity to decline to take part.

How to contact us
If you have any questions or comments about this policy, or if you would like us to update the personal data we have about you or your preferences, please contact us by:
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Updated 14th August 2019.

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