Mystery Visits

Mystery visits are a great way to see your offering through your customers’ eyes.  The first-hand feedback on your staff, customer service levels and company culture can be invaluable in helping our clients be better at what they do.

At Zing we go to great lengths to ensure that our mystery visit participants are fully screened, briefed and capable of completing the tasks required.  We ask that they go into more detail than they usually would, so the client gets more value from an in-depth assessment, which can comprise both quantitative and qualitative elements. This methodical approach to mystery visits has ensured we deliver to our client’s objectives time after time.

We believe by making the experience enjoyable for our participants, we can deliver high quality insights, because sometimes improving even the little details can turn a good experience into a great experience.

If you are interested in taking part in one of our mystery visitor assignments please contact us.

Our Clients

We have extensive experience working across a wide range of industry sectors for many leading brands.