Getting under the surface of consumer behaviour requires qualitative research techniques.

Qualitative research is designed to aid decision-making by focusing on understanding the nature of something and its meaning. Qual as the name suggests is about quality and not quantity, insights are gained through small scale samples and many techniques require face-to-face engagement with a moderator or interviewer, to enable both verbal and non-verbal communication.

Qualitative research interviewing/moderating isn’t for everyone (though some may think anyone can moderate a focus group, anyone who’s tried quickly finds out it’s not as easy as they may have thought!). A skilled moderator ensures each respondent(s) is comfortable in expressing their opinions, uses a range of techniques to engender confidence and extract information or on occasion, to reduce or terminate participation. We listen more than we speak. Our team of senior qualitative researchers draw on years of experience and use diverse and creative techniques to gain a detailed understanding which is often expressed in the respondents own words/language or using visual representations (e.g. videos, pictures, collage boards, etc.).

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