It’s our birthday!

Guess what?  Zing is 6, yes, unbelievable I know but we’re 6 years old on American Independence Day (yes, it was symbolic) and boy has that time has flown, scarily fast.

Back in 2011 when we launched as 3 ‘revolutionaries’ from another research agency; myself, Jo Walther and Paul Kemp, we were excited and nervous in equal measure and in hindsight somewhat naïve (hindsight is a great thing isn’t it!).  We set out to create an insights agency where we’d get to work with nice people, where we could challenge norms and make a difference – I believe we achieved that.

Fast forward to 2017 and although Jo and Paul are no longer part of the Zing team, (I’m sorry to say they both took other paths along the way) and while I still miss them, I count myself incredibly lucky to have such an amazing, talented and experienced team of passionate people around me (you know who you all are!) who continue to live the Zing dream.  Thanks guys.

Zing continues to go from strength to strength, in the last year we’ve worked across the globe and in almost every conceivable market place.  We count ourselves lucky to have such variety, we could never get bored.

If you’ve been part of our journey since we launched, thank you, it’s been great having you along and if you haven’t – why not?  You’re definitely missing out!

But don’t call this afternoon, we’ll be out popping a few corks to celebrate our birthday.

Posted by: Lisa Holt

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