IVED Guidelines & Terms of Submission

IVED: Guidelines and Terms of Submission

In order to keep the International Venue Experience Database as accurate and fair as possible, it’s important that evaluations are submitted and published in accordance with the following guidelines.
Submissions will not go live straight away, as these will be reviewed against the following guidelines periodically before being published.

In minor cases of a breach of guidelines we reserve the right to modify a submission to comply. An example of this would be to anonymise a submission where an individual is named. Any modification will be careful, however, not to alter the sentiment of the evaluation.

In more major breaches to the guidelines, the submission may not be published, and the submitting member may be contacted to resubmit a compliant evaluation. This includes using derogatory, offensive or defamatory language, irrelevance or bias.

Submissions must be:
• Relevant to the venue being evaluated
• Applied ONLY to a venue that has been experienced
• Accurate evaluations of an experience
• Completed by a member of the relevant event team who has had direct experience of the venue

Submissions must not:
• Identify individuals (either by name or where descriptions/job roles can be specific)
• Use derogatory or offensive language aimed at an individual
• Use extreme profanity
• Use discriminatory language: submissions that use racist, sexist, homophobic or any other language that is deemed to be discriminatory will not be tolerated and will not be submitted
• Use defamatory language: submissions that are deemed to show an intentional and unreasonable attempt to damage the reputation of another organisation or venue will not be submitted
• Show bias: submissions must be completed by members of event teams who have had direct experience of organising an event at the venue being evaluated. If we suspect that an individual affiliated with a venue has attempted to evaluate their own venue or competitor venue, this submission will be investigated.

Anything else that is not listed here but is deemed to be unacceptable may also be subject to review. We reserve the right to amend and update these submission terms whenever necessary.


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