Research shows positive impact of GoGoGorillas art trail on Norwich

GoGo picture

Summer may be over, but we haven’t forgotten the GoGoGorillas yet! At Zing HQ, we’ve been going bananas since the art trail was announced over a year ago. Colourfully decorated art installations appeared all over Norwich this summer. We were privileged to have our very own sponsored gorilla, Gareth, and support the project by carrying out research into the trail and its impact on the city.

This week we have been delighted to announce the positive feedback we received from our GoGoGorillas street survey, completed by almost 2500 residents and visitors to Norwich. The figures are impressive, showing the boost the charitable trail has given to both the organisers and the city. The infographic below shows the key findings of our research:

 GoGoGorillas Research Findings Infographic

As the results show, the trail strongly influenced many to visit the city centre. And once in the city, the trail kept people there for longer, spending more. The trail also gave an increased sense of community and improved the perception of Norwich as a creative hub for arts and culture.

All of us at Zing thoroughly enjoyed the trail on the streets of Norwich this summer, brightening up our ‘fine city’. Anyone who also had a chance to visit the trail can still complete our Websurvey, available here:

Posted by Matt Nevard

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