Distraction and morale officer (Job share with Sprocket)

Hi there, my name’s Beans and I’m the office Westie. My official role is morale officer here at Zing, but I also like to think of myself as Lord Protector and will alert my team members to any imminent threats – particularly the suspicious looking bin bags that sometimes appear outside the window.

I’m often sitting at my desk working hard (read: lounging on the sofa sleeping) but I’m a team player so will frequently jump onto one of my colleagues’ laps and make sure they’re doing everything properly.

When I get a rare moment to chill you can find me chasing pine cones in the woods, getting (read: demanding) a belly rub off my owners, or winding everyone up with a squeaky toy – my current fave is the hot dog I got for Christmas! So robust!

Favourite cuisine:
Bacon, also sausages… and carrots (just don’t tell Sprocket)

Favourite tipple: Water (preferably from a puddle)

Favourite book: Ulysses by James Joyce

Favourite place: Anywhere muddy and then my human’s bed

Favourite film/TV show: Literally anything with a dog in it – I’m not fussy

Favourite activity: Rolling in mud – or playing hide-and-seek

Quote: “Walkies” Ben

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