Experiencing work!

framEveryone at Zing has been very welcoming and made me feel part of the team, sharing laughs and allowing me to be involved in their work. Taking part in work experience at Zing Insights has been an exciting opportunity which I am extremely grateful for. This experience has allowed me to learn new things, get a taste of the real world and helped me to prepare for working life after school.

Studying a range of subjects at school allows me to open my mind to new opportunities and career paths after school. Currently I haven’t got a set plan on what job I would like to do in the near future but this experience has allowed me to become more responsible and wiser for the my future career paths.

Working with everyone at Zing has been an enjoyable experience which makes me look forward to future jobs and possibilities. Things which I have learnt here at Zing will help me towards my IT skills and benefit me in my school work and future work. Also working here has made me feel more confident in myself and more willing to get involved in new opportunities available to me. Although I have enjoyed my time at Framingham Earl this experience has made me look forward to future education and work.

Posted by Ella Blackett

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